Social Media Strategy

Strategia de redes sociales

U-GLOVE is a pioneer glove to protect us from germ exposure, dirt, grease and gasoline at the gas pump. The aim of this campaign is to educate people about gas station germs and offer the gloves as the main solution.

U-GLOVE es un guante para protegernos de la exposición de gérmenes, suciedad, grasa y gasolina en la bomba de gas. El objetivo de esta campaña es educar a la gente acerca de los gérmenes que se encuantran en las estaciones de gas y ofrecer los guantes como la solución principal.

Observation: Gas stations is a place where all kinds of people, from different strata of society, different walks of life come.

Insight: You don’t want to take someone else’s mess on you.

Strategy: To create anxiety by showing that going to a gas pump you could end up taking home an unwanted guest.

Creative Execution: Personify the threat of an unwanted guest and create characters from society you would not want in your home, use these characters to communicate with the audience in an intrusive manner on the different platforms.

Tone:U-GLOVE uses humor that pinches you.