Fall in love with water campaign

Social Media Strategy

Fall in love with Hint is a social media campaign that revives the need of drinking more water. The objective is to drive awareness of Hint among the healthy choice market, leading to a measurable increase in direct consumer online sales.

Enamórate de Hint es una campaña para las redes sociales que revive la necesidad de beber más agua. El objetivo es impulsar Hint en el mercado "verde" con el fin de aumentar las ventas en línea.


Fact: Love is an universal language.

Observation: Anyone can understand an act of love.

Insight: When people love or show affection they look healthier and happier.

The campaign will inspire people to fall in love with hint water by showing how love is capable of kepping people healthy through inspirational, educational and user generated content.

Creative Execution: Is the hint core to promote messages of love.

Tone: Hint is soft and friendly, It's the positive mark on people's life.

Social Media Content

Hint will create three types of sharable content, educational, inspirational, and promotional.

Facebook: Educational, inspirational and promotional

Twitter: Promotional and educational

YouTube: Inspirational

Pinterest: Inspirational

Snapchat and Periscope: Promotional and Inspirational