recognition programs

Recognition & Incentives

Programas de reconocimiento e incentivos


We all like to be appreciated, recognized, and rewarded for their contribution. It's proven that when people feel valued at their work place they are most likely to be better performers. These are some of the examples effective incetives and recognition programs that helped many companies grow their internal loyalty and motivation.

A todos nos gusta ser apreciado, reconocido y premiado por su contribución. Está comprobado que cuando las personas se sienten valoradas en su lugar de trabajo hay un gran de realizen mejor su trabajo del día a día. Estos son algunos de los ejemplos de incetivos eficaces y programas de reconocimiento que ayudaron a muchas empresas a crecer su lealtad y motivación.

Send an E-card as a medium to engage with employees, customers and stakeholders during special occasions, important dates. These ecard designs are personalized and gives users a chance to add a personal message. This medium helped measure open/click rates and sentiment.

Sales incentive email campaigns were implemented to increase SEO, click rates, sales during the live of the promotions, and motivation among sales reps. Each email will serve as announcement of promotion stage and relevant SKU'S/awards.

Adding Badges and Awards helps mark employee achievements. This is a friendly sales incentive and reminder of the awards available to you. Over the years helps to build employee's reputation. This feauture on websites helped raise awareness and internal social sharing, thus improving online traffic/engagement through the sales recognition program.