Design for GOOD

Non-profit influencer campaign

Campaña de influenciadores

Design for GOOD initiative is an AIGA national movement which I introduced to the Miami Design Community as a member of the Miami board of directions. The main goal is to promote the importance of art/design classes in Miami High School Educational System.

Design for GOOD es un movimiento nacional de AIGA introduje en la comunidad de diseñadores de Miami como parte de la junta directiva en 2013-2014. Este fue el proyecto más relevante para nuestra comunidad estudiantil en ART STUDIO MIAMI.


In other to promote our goal we partnered with a well known local artist Gabriel a.k.a GG. AIGA Miami members and students from Art Studio Miami came together to be part of a Mural Day Event. This event supported 100% design education for at-risk students ranging from 12-18 years old in Little Haiti, as an addition to their school classes. The mural day was a great opportunity for our creative community to work together, collaborate, and give back. This event is considered a success as the result two students found interships, one of them is pursuing art college education and AIGA Miami members continue their interest in design for social good.

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